Chronic Pain

Gloucester Pain Management Services

If you are coping with long-lasting (chronic pain), there are lots of resources available to help you. Your GP may wish to discuss ideas around medication or other ways of helping your symptoms. Please see the following Pain Management website for some ideas and advice, and if you wish to discuss any of the content with your GP, please book an appointment via reception.

‘Turning down your pain’

Try reading this free, downloadable booklet for some ideas about how to manage your pain condition.

View our booklet.


This chronic pain condition is really challenging to manage. Have a look at the information on these pages for some really helpful ideas of things you may like to try.


Pain medication

Recent research shows that some pains are not helped by opiod (morphine-based) medications – your doctor may wish to discuss changing your medicines. Try to look at this as an opportunity to feel better, often people find that they have been coping with bad side effects from their pain medicatios for so long that they have forgotten what life was like without them!